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August 9, 2020

I got a bit sidetracked by a move to my new high-rise in February to a place all our own just Oscar and I! I’m grateful for my wonderful friends Ben and Terry for help with the move. I’m blessed! 
Hope all are having a great 2020, if not-it’s half-over, probably all we are having to deal with nowadays. The quarantine has made me better behavior-wise. I’m exercising more, eating WAY better. I feel GREAT! 

Image result for park tower spokane image
My De-lux Apartment in the sky!
Home is where the Heart is!
My Salon
The Boudoir

Being cooped up for so long has gotten me back into producing Art. I enjoy sketching from live models. Lately, I ask for pictures of gentlemen who wanted to be sketched and I have had some great remote models that yielded quite a collection of Nude Homoerotic Nude Art. a Genre I hadn’t even thought of before.

Tim & Ivan were great Virtual Models

I’m still practicing My Characture skills from TV. Getting faster, quicker and better! I hope to travel and create Charactures for a living at all types of venues, Festivals, Fairs, Events, Carnivals and my favorite, Renaissance Fairs! It’s kinda fun just handing out in the park creating for just donations since I have no vendors license yet.

The man and his Chricture. Custom Order. Black on white si what I’d do for you in the park.

About my Detransition, the maze of getting my chest reconstructed and hoops I’m having to jump though is really exhausting-lets not confusing- four long years now and-knock-wood, I think I’m finally close. I chose Dr Stiller in Spokane to perform my procedure. He does take my insurance and in fact the procedure was approved in February. I had gotten assigned a Nurse Case worker with my insurance company, sent a list of twelve Surgeons in the preferred thirty mile radius to select from. None on list perform this procedure. Dr. Stiller is not on the list. My Nurse Case Manager is looking into it and promised to call me right back, It’s been a month.

Purplish today

I’ve noticed discoloration as of past few month. The material seems to have solidified making my chest feel heavier and painful. I wear a waist slimmer around my chest at night to avoid any movement that can result in pinching, tugging, squeezing feeling. It didn’t help that I researched what breast implants look like after being removed after thirty years. it’s potentially deadly. Mine were enhanced thirty years ago. depending on the day my chest is all kinds of pretty colors from yellow, purple, blue-more. I would at least like to get on Dr. Stiller’s schedule for surgery.

I’m still replacing Testosterone and changes are still happening, thinning hair, more body hair and facial hair. With my working out more I’m actually seeing some muscle definition from working out and I’m excited about this!

Oh well…
Little bit of jawline
Getting a waist again!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dear Friend Toni for making my 61st Birthday in June Special! I’ve made great friends here in Spokane and wouldn’t want to celebrate with anyone else!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, drink and outdoor
It’s Miller Time! The Champaign of Beer!
Image may contain: 3 people, including Philip P Porter and Patricia Knouff, people standing and indoor
YUM! Cake!
Image may contain: 4 people, including Philip P Porter and Patricia Knouff, people smiling, people standing, stripes and indoor
Big 61

I’m phasing out my Mannequin Business after starting in 1974, nearly five decades. The Visualist of today never use realistic Mannequins, I can’t even complete my introduction before being cut-off “We don’t do this”. I will still offer fine restorations and make wigs as there is a need for these services My stepping down as the “Mom-a-Pop” stores, Grand Department Stores & Mall stores as well are gone, I got all of my work from these retailers. Kinda painful to no longer have something you did love at one time be gone. The only thing constant is change.

Me in 1978
Image may contain: 2 people, text

Selph Portrait

Speaking of change, my five year goal includes relocating back home to East Texas. I’s getting harder to be away from family and friends. I’m afraid to reside in a big city now with all the unrest. This move will bring on culture shock besides a huge change. Going to be tough, I can do it and look towards it.

Getting my Cowboy on!

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  1. Erik permalink

    You are looking good!! Thanks for keeping us posted…it’s been a helluva year so far! Stay safe and healthy…you and Oscar both! –Erik in NW Ohio


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