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Last blog of 2019 no

December 27, 2019
Merry Christmas& Happy New Year all! So much for me intending to post every month-to be honest,not much has changed. Still haven’t heard back from Insurance regarding my chest reconstruction. I am leaving my present residence we call “Gray Garden” into a high rise downtown. looking towards the relocation, first time in probably 15yrs I won’t have a roommate or boarding situation. this will be last move here in Spokane for Oscar & I This will be our last move here in Spokane.
This will be a an adjustment for both of us. Don’t know how Waaaaaaaaaaaaay more room than we have had previously. I can once again create, relax, lots of pups for Oscar to get to know. It doesn’t seem real. I’ll know about second week into the New Year when I can move in. Excited, nervous, it’ll be great-but it’s the unfamiliar. At my age change takes longer to settle, I’m more than blessed with all my friends supporting me and offering to help with the move.He support in general is awesome! Praise God. I’m lucky-I have so much to be thankful. Great way to start the New Year!

I’m still taking Testosterone, I think even after five years, things are still changing. I’m getting a hairier, maybe on way to becoming a “Bear”, LOL! I know I’m stronger and can handle stress way better with the boost that happens with Testosterone Replacement. Its affirming and validates my decision to De-transition.It was right thing to do for me. Also, my jaw is squarer 

I am pleasantly surprised to be getting some Mannequin Restoration work and query’s from other after completing the Turn-of-the-Century wax Mannequin and a 1920’s Plaster Charicture Guy(before and afters posted). I had a couple transactions and rentals that went off without a hitch so, I’m inspired to create a Website to get my services out there, get known. I’m simple and non tech. I’ll have to get onto Pinterest, Twitter, anything else like this for promotion tools

Being Winter has arrived,occupying my time working on cousin’s quilt. I’m hand painting squares to copy the degraded squares-just about done and ready to stitch them onto the quilt.I’m practicing my charicture skills and decided to get back into cutting silhouettes as well. Pretty excited at prospect I may be self-employed again. I’ve started taking Alteration work as well, not much not but word will get out. Also, created my own two-panel Digital Art Piece “The Eyes Have It”. Feverishly working on my Autobiography as well like I’m possessed!

HI did get my name legally changed back to “Philip Paul Porter”! Got all records changed pretty easily-no flack at all!

I’ll have way more to share next blog being settled and all. Lots of new adventured ahead of Oscar & I. Till Then, have a Great HOLIDAY and New Year.


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