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Been a while but-I’m back

February 26, 2019
  • I’ve felt for a very long time I’ve got like really I had nothing to say probably more to live getting in the way and other things happening in taking priority but I’m dedicating myself to adding new things as they come up and on earlier catching up on the old thing so here we go’s;

Recently it’s been in the news that Pro-Football Cheerleaders are adding men to the mix! Wasn’t this me I’m High School, the only male on the Pep Squad?

Wasn’t easy for me to be-it was mandatory to be on the squad to quality for Cheerleader try-outs. Principle at time called to his office and tried to drill into me “Men don’t do that”, I told my Mom and next day I again was called into his office where my Mom was with the Principal who had obviously been crying, he through he’d face and watery eyes stammered an apology for his behavior the day before and Said was welcome to be on Pep-Squad and try out for Cheerleader! Had not my Mom been in my corner, gone up to School and “Ripped-him-a-new-one” like he tried to do to me the day before-it wouldn’t ever happened! Thanks Mom! Seems things come back around-look at Jesse here tear it up-he needs Poms though! One battle at a time!

Pics are me on Gladewater High School Pep Squad first and only male at this time, me in my Doll Days as a Houston Oilers Cheerleader, whole squad, mugging with vintage crepe paper Poms in my School colors-Orange & Black “ GO BEARS”! And one of me in a vintage School Jacket from friend & Mannequin Customer, and – Pic of my Guy Jesse Hernandez  holding his own with these Beautiful Women on the Saints Squad!

Yep, since seeing our Cub Cheerleaders in 8th grade(1973)I wanted to be part of this Sorrority and I’m glad Jesse with the Saints Squad and the couple others with LA Rams are allowed to participate in an activity for decades dominated by Ladies! Times are-a-changing!

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