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Philip’s Wardrobe Update!

January 26, 2014
Unlike Ken I'm a "living" doll but we both share great GQ wardrobes!

Unlike Ken I’m a “living” doll but we both share great GQ wardrobes!

Hi friends and family! I wrote previously in a post about my “less than stellar not to mention fashionable man’s wardrobe or my idea at the time of a GQ wardrobe, loose jeans, t-shirts and hoodies…WELL since I’ve managed in a short time to amass a decent male wardrobe through friend’s donations, Macy’s 6th floor clearance center and just great people who want me to look my best, I have three suits, numerous dress and casual shirts, two vests, numerous bow-ties, five pair of shoes and four great coats not quiet “What-not-to-wear” with Stacy and Clinton helping me shop since it was cancelled before my segment came to be but a great start! I feel like a giant living breathing Ken doll with a very up to the moment fashionable wardrobe as Ruth Handler insisted on(Google Ruth Handler)for ken complete with buttons, snaps and zippers! I feel i need a “Philip” carrying case to house me and my new wardrobe! 2014 is off to a great EPIC start as I intended! Pics to follow! Wishing all a Blessed weekend, thanks for reading!


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  1. Erik permalink

    Hi Philip!
    It sounds like you are having fun! Clothes may not make the man….the sure can make him feel out of this world! Post some pics so we can see how great you look in a bowtie!
    –Erik in Ohio

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