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My abilities as an Empath

January 26, 2014

star trekThis post may have little or nothing to do with De-transition but I’m trying to get out there that anyone can tap into this to their own Empath powers to improve their lives:

I came to know with help of my good friend Richard who has the gift of knowing, I’m blessed with a gift that makes me an Empath. Ever since I can remember as far back as my mind can reach, I upon sight “know” about a person. I can’t make you bend to my will but I an tell if you are depressed or happy, I can tell your motives about things but mostly how you feel about and your intentions toward me. this gift applies to being receptive to humans and animals and sometimes inanimate objects can speak to me-actually their cell memory, I can pick up on their former human owners feelings-confirming-what I already knew about animals having souls and inanimate objects are not really inanimate. I wish I had know just a tat earlier, this what can seem “nagging-tugs” could have saved me some very monetary/costly humiliation in business and a lifetime of hurt. all this has or will pass and it will be fine. Philips’s daily dose of Empath’s Wisdom to the masses is: never-ever second guess your first instinct-ever. Whether it is about someone or the answer on a test. We’ve all changed and answer on a test to find later that the first answer was the correct one leaving the second guessed answer wrong. same thing applies here. Wishing all a blessed Saturday, XOXOX


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