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Ending Month Three on Axiron(Testostrone Replacement)

January 2, 2014

axiron 1Hi friends and family, sorry for the absence of posts. I feel this one was News or “Blog” worthy! My friend Tam asked about timeline off Estrogen and on Testosterone so, the replay practically wrote this post:

Hi Tam, Sorry for the late reply. I was on numerous Estrogen including Premarin(the ONLY Estrogen at the time in the late 70′s),Estrodial, and a few others some injections. for a period of about 30 years before I discontinued Estrogen therapy approximately now, two years ago. I had my Testosterone levels checked where for a mane my age were middle to low and began on Axiron. I’m am on end of month three with T-Replacement. I am writing a post about this later today but yes spontaneous, rock-hard, hard to ignore and some nights-painful spontaneous erections I can also ejaculate and lab testing has found my sperm fertile buy estrogen abuse has rendered them non-swimming though sperm extraction would be necessary, this is a nice surprise and very exciting! About 6 months after stopping estrogen, I could easily get erections. I was warned, my body is kicked into puberty again and it’s true I’ve found, I’m so moody I can barely keep it to myself, I’m seeing “RED(feeling of rage)” faster than I’ve ever seen it but managing so far to hold it in, but also the good feeling as well as every emotion are magnified by about 1,000% these days. Physically, I am stronger and can tell my heart and lungs are working better, I’m eating like a horse, more about that in the upcoming post. I do suggest you see your Physician for labs before starting any Hormone type replacement therapy, this ain’t nothing’ to just “mess around” with! Thanks for reading and posting Tam, I’m trying to come up with some type of support forum just for us De-Transitionors. More to come as time goes on, thanks for reading!


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