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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

September 25, 2013

axironHi all, Well after an absence here and a battery of labs since early March and levels being good, all low-to-normal, I got the go-ahead to start long awaited Testosterone replacement. My Physician Dr. Bala and I decided to try Axiron, a topical Testosterone creme applied to the armpits each morning. I did not know what to expect but I can report on day five, having started on the 20th, I can “feel it”.

Seems already pants are loose as visibly and measurably belly and love handle fat is shrinking(HAPPY-DANCE!)and I have that feeling that it’s truly in my blood stream by the feeling I got on Estrogen but took about six months to feel- which is an odd sort of “hands-gripping-both-kidneys-and -tugging downward”, not as painful as it sounds and I’m a bit warm but figure that is what is burning fat and just in general the testosterone getting into my system. If after only a few days I can feel it, can’t wait to see what happens after one months dosing!

I’m a bit stronger, tested this today by trying pull-ups and push-ups, as out of shape as I am I could complete three before giving out-before I could barely do one of each:-( I’m really excited and pumped to see what other changes happen in my body and I’ll keep you all posted. I have not noticed so far any difference or frequency in erections but told they could last w-a-y longer. We’ll see.

One fascinating and kind of exciting thing we discovered during the Semen Analysis is that I’m still fertile after all those years of taking estrogen, Just knowing I could father kids has made me feel a bit younger! Keeping in mind, I’m 54 now, would be in my 70’s by the time kid was out of the house…, a friend quipped “Philip, have a kid, you’ll have someone to change your diapers”, LOL!

Well, you all are caught up, I’ll write a bit more later. If you have any questions, please ask, the only ignorant question is the one you DON’T ask!


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  1. Judy permalink

    Philip, you are so easy to admire. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us.

    • Judy, Thank you, I’m just me, and hopefully I have in past and in future make it so no one is intimidated to ask or discuss anything with me-I wanna help!

  2. Davi Lee A. permalink

    Hiya Phillip,Im so glad to catch your story online as I am a trans person also and have been dealing with living with hiding all these desires and feeling ashamed and feeling horrible and like I was never happy in my body.
    I have been having a lot of problems with mentally transitioning as I was mentally “there” but then still having serious selfimage issues and doubts even though people were referring to me in the fem pronouns and then nearly having a breakdown and then having to quit transitioning as I just had to be realistic that I wasnt really going to be able to afford everything physically that I would require from facial feminization to breast implants as I was having difficult enough time just affording fem.HT.
    So,seeing your story was encouraging.I would like to chat in another venue about these things if you would. ~Davi Lee A.

    • Hi Davi, I definatly will address your concerns in very near future, I’m able to view and respond daily now! Thanks for your imput and thanks for reading my blog..


    • Hi Davi, You can contact me at my cell is 509-795-9179. I understand all your concerns…I think with me once I was determined to be happy with who I was, that was a start! I was in such a hurry to change the “Package” without realizing it was not flawed at all-easier to change my way our way of thinking and loving ourselves, only took me 52 years, but better late than never!

  3. Tam permalink

    How long were you on Estrogen and Anti-androgen? I ask because I was on it for 7 years, before I detransitioned. Been 1 year detransitioned now and haven’t yet decided whether to start Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I guess to start, I should check my T levels.
    How long have you been detransitioned, and how long on T now? Also, can you now get spontaneous erections?

    • Hi Tam, Sorry for the late reply. I was on numerous Estrogen including Premarin(the ONLY Estrogen at the time in the late 70’s),Estrodial, and a few others some injections. for a period of about 30 years before I discontinued Estrogen therapy approximately now, two years ago. I had my Testosterone levels checked where for a mane my age were middle to low and began on Axiron. I’m am on end of month three with T-Replacement. I am writing a post about this later today but yes spontaneous, rock-hard, hard to ignore and some nights-painful spontaneous erections I can also ejaculate and lab testing has found my sperm fertile.This is a nice surprise and very exciting! About 6 months after stopping estrogen, I could easily get erections. I was warned, my body is kicked into puberty again and it’s true I’ve found, I’m so moody I can barely keep it to myself, I’m seeing “RED(feeling of rage)” faster than I’ve ever seen it but managing so far to hold it in, but also the good feeling as well as every emotion are magnified by about 1,000% these days. Physically, I am stronger and can tell my heart and lungs are working better, I’m eating like a horse, more about that in the upcoming post. I do suggest you see your Physician for labs before starting any Hormone type replacement therapy, this ain’t nothin’ to just “mess around” with! Thanks for reading and posting Tam, I’m trying to come up with some type of support forum just for us De-Transitioners.

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