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Story of Becoming Max: Confronting gender identity disorder

May 7, 2012

Have not had any Earth shattering news but will post an unusual business situation I’m got myself into that is unique to the 30-something years I’ve been in the Mannequin game but, found this and wanted to share a 15yrs old short story about just what I went through-not being able to hold feelings in any longer:


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  1. Roo permalink

    No matter what your classmates, teachers, coaches, home ec (do they call it that anymore?) parents, grandparents,pastor…it doesn’t matter who it is… take courage for a person to believe in themselves, honor their self respect and live their lives in such a way that says I will be me…whether you like it or not, abhor it, deny it, condemn it or even want to kill it (either emotionally or psychically) ….. are ALL born with minds that can choose love or hate, tears that cry, and blood that could save another’s life. I am watching a teen choose self destructive behavior to basically give the middle finger to her deeply religious mother and her in denial father simply because they choose to not address that their daughter isn’t a girly girl. It’s very very sad. Especially in a small town in Texas.

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