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Charles’s Detransition

March 5, 2012

Hi friends, I meant to post this some time back and it got “stuck” in the drafts folder,

I find this facinating and guess if I had been as financially blessed as charles here I would have had SRS as well-YIKES!!! Trying to get back that something you once had has to be expensive and tough-hard to replicate what God gave you as a male at birth….

I Admire Charles for telling his story candidly and being able to re-evaluate and move on with his life-not sure I agree with the term “Trans-Regret”, but there are those who don’t agree with the term “De transition”…so….Anyway read and be informed and fascinated about this brave guy and his journey-there and back:–hated-Samantha-man-Now-hes-getting-married-So-fiancee-crazy.htmlDaily Mail Femail Charles Kane and fiancee Victoria 15/10/2010


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  1. mark permalink

    More and more transgendered patients experience trangender regrets after their transition. I am one of them. My situation is very similar to yours, Philip, even though I am not that open about my detransition. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  2. Thank you Mark for making me aware of you-seems I’m the only one going through this-as you can imagine, not everyone understands-


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