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February 24, 2012

inlandHello Friends,

Been a while since my last post-a lot has happened but ordinary things that happen to all of us. I’ve moved and MUCH happier and at peace in new home with a great basement workshop that is full of mannequins for repairs, some mine, some belong to retailers, a couple are here for redo’s for collectors.

A reporter from the INLANDER(our weekly free paper)contacted our local LBGT Center about an interest in reporting on various people’s gender transitions.  Matt announced this on the Facebook page, I called left a message, about a week later I met the reporter and we talked and here is the result:

I was a bit taken back/suprized that several people expressed interest but did not have time to talk with the reporter-a couple were nice enough to cancel but a few left her sitting by herself in coffee shops for hours being no-show and no-call besides being rude, this left them scrambling at last minute to fill a full page that was going to be for a few stories-since I was the only one, I got the page to myself.

My story is out of the norm as few detransition back.  This is probably not what the general public things off when transition comes to mind so it will be interesting to see what people think.


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  1. B J Emerson permalink

    The article was excellent. Fortunate for readers that others cancelled their interviews.

  2. ErikwithaK permalink

    Philip, I just read your article; I am from Ohio and wanted to let you you know how honest you are. And honesty takes courage. You are courageous.
    Good luck.

  3. I was so inspired by your story in the inlander I had to check out your blog! I think your story is amazing and very out of the norm. Keep up the blog, I think it is exceptionally extraordinary! Society needs people like you to open their minds and help them think outside the box. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you and I will do so, some posts will appear mundane as the de-transition has had few glitches and mostly the experience has been positive!

  4. Chris permalink

    I enjoyed the article, for me it was a reminder that all are going through some sort of transition. Good luck on your journey, it is heartwarming that it seems you are enjoying the changes in your life. So many seem to have difficulty in transitions at are seemingly less life changing than yours. Kudos to you!

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