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Maybe The Suit Does Make The Man?

December 19, 2011
Hello friends and family,
Very long time between posts here as the de-transitoning process for me has been very smooth, easy and virtually for all things considered-seamless, WAY easier than begining to transition from living as male-to-female to start with-WHEW!!! Now that was WORK, not to mention, expensive!!! By the time you get into see a qualified therapist, see an endocrinologist, start hormones, pay for make-up, hair maintence a female wardrobe well…might as well get two jobs!!!

What was I saying? OH-Yeah!!! This is all about my de-transitioning! I need to get the name changed back legally to Philip Paul Porter as it is on my original Birth Certificate and the State of Washington’s process is relatively inexpensive and painless-filing fee though is $148.00 and I simply don’t have it right now. You pick up a very simple form filling in your name now, what you want your name to read and check boxes understanding if you are a registered sex offender you still have to register with your new name like you did with old one and check a box saying you are not changing your name to abscond from the authorities, sign, date, notorize and turn in with your filing fee and an small additional payment for extra court copies(they recomend three extra, a judge on a certain day of the week approves the changes and your in and out-

It has been an ok year financially but not near where someone my age needs to be fiscally-gonna bust m butt working on that this coming year and already have mannequin work lined up-I’m excited!!! I’m seeking employment and seems so far seeing Phoebe on the app and me being asked to be called “Philip” has not been an issue with anyone so far nor do I expect it to be. To make life easier for Clerks and Safeway, Rite-Aid, etc. anyplace you hold a “value-card”, I did go and apply for all new cards under “Philip” as they would visible see a man stading before them, hand me my receipt, look very bewildered as they said “Thank you….Miss???…..Philips??? So, with this done-it avoids their confusion. 

I never did use the transitioned  process nor am I de-transitioning to call attention to myself-so many I can tell you DO. Believe it or not-I’m just being me-always have-and yes, I have gotten attention as it is unusual and does appear a “train-wreck” to others lucky enough to have not had or know anyone close to them dealing with this processs. For the record I don’t consider it the “train-wreck” I mentioned-I’ve been blessed to deal with something unsusual and get the privileget to now educate people around me and there is no greater gift to be given.

Something that surprised me is that so far I’ve been running around in shorts, jeans, t-shirts, sweats, sneakers, hoodies, etc. and recently been invited to a couple Holiday Parties at Art Galleries that call for “smart” appearance since I’ll be meeting fellow artist, Gallery owners, etc., I dug in to my box of “stuff I hardly use nor rarely need” and found the pair of dress slacks from Nordstrom I had gotten some time back with white button down shirts, found a pair of black leather tassel loafers that my good friend Dale loaned me and I still have and I still need a tie and sweater, I had socks and briefs-and I actually had fun putting together a fairly dressy man’s outfit for myself!!! Having worked in Display I abhorred the men’s dept. as at the time I found Men’s fashions so BORING… Guess this along with so many of my mind-sets are changing-I do fascinate myself these days!!!

Attended my first SPOKANE TRANSPEOPLE meeting held at the Spokane LBGT Center this last Saturday-haven’t been to a group meeting in years and I have to say we have a great group of people here in Spokane all wanting to meet the same goals of taking the steps to be comfortable with who they want to be and we all want acceptance-it was mixed, male-to-female, female to male and one de-transition, that would be me-I was happy I could advise both men and women with my years of experience and look forward to seeing these new friends at the next one on the 31st. 

Wanted to add, I got to have dinner with my “Little Brother”, his parents who I call “Big Mama” and “Big Daddy”!!! They can’t get over how eccentric us Southerner’s are!!! “Little Brother” had grown about a foot seems like and BOY how times have changed, he’s eleven now and has a little boyfriend who was with them-great kids, and not afraid to be themselves, I’m glad they are learning this lesson early of course it is me who benefits from knowing these great people, I’ll keep y’all posted about my extended family here!!!

This is about all I can think to talk about today but there will be more-stay tuned dear friends and have a great Holiday and New Years!!!



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