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The the power of the color “Pink”.

July 21, 2011

pink trimThis was on FB but to get this going since I’m slow going today and it still amazes me this man’s “hangup” about pink:

I’m at the Spokane Transit Plaza and go into a busy men’s room to well, ya know-I did my thing, at a urinal at that-washed my hands, left and stopped at the water fountain a guy came up and say’s ‘Excuse me-you were in the men’s room’ I replied, yes I’m a man’. He applogized-I did not hear a lot of “rucus” when I went in or during… He too was wating for the bus so I sat down next to him and asked if my face, hair, “chest” appeared as female to him, he replied: ‘‎’None of the above-your shoes are white with pink trim”. I had to press…he seemed an educated man by the manner of his demeaner and dress-he just said he felt “Only girls wear pink”-he could not tell me if family or society had taught him this “fixed” point of view.

Folks I bought these shoes before detranasitioning, they have some hot pink piping barely noticable under my long pant hem that is now longer since I wear my jeans lower on my hips. This man says he can always spot Pink-ok, I shared with him the fact that in pre-war times it was the little boys who wore pink and little girls who wore blue-he shrugged, placed his open palms behind his head and replied: ‘No sono f mine will ever wear pink of any shade’.

I think pink is a fairly cheerful and benign color. My favorite color at about age nine was ‘shocking pink’ my beloved Aunt Betty got me a fuzzy cartoon dog bank for my birthday one year. Here in my presest shared housing situation the living room is shocking pink and black-we are two gay men-no stigma here at all. I have a friend who is transgender by definition of all that fall under the ever increasingly added definitions under the ‘Transgender Umbrella of terms, I have to confess I feel decorates and wears to much pink as to prove to the world or herself she is a ‘girl’. This is fine but trying to hard maybe to convince others or-and herself?

As an Alumni of the Dallas Art Institute you learn in your design classes that color is very powerful as it can set a mood, set off a feeling-red and flame orange are ‘Power colors’, you have to WANT to be noticed to wear these as you will draw attention to yourself-I wear some reds and oranges but not everyone can pull off doning these shades,-and pink can be a ‘watered down’ red or really souped up to be super bright. So is YOUR perception of color what you were taught or you believe?


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  1. Will fireatte permalink

    I think there is some of both. You have colors you just naturally like… and others (pink, for example) that you hear so much about that you know you will be teased if you wear it… even if the shirt is only pink because you washed your red gym shorts with the whites and now the whites are the pinks… not saying I ever did that… but… there is a reason I never use the HOT setting when washing my own clothes…. 😛

  2. stephdiane permalink

    I loved it that you were aware that before WWI, that pink was for boys and light blue was for girls.
    I find it sad that some people are going out of their way to limit the color choices available for themselves and their children.

    90s,maybe 80s, “pink was the new black”,so what did you wear ,if you wanted to wear black?

    diane aka austingeekgirl

    • To me Diane that is right up there with those silly rules about boys not supposed to play with dolls-I wager in future times these restictions looked back upon will seem as relavant as iron boned corsets-just plain “anitiquated”. And thanks DIane for the links-facinating!!!

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